Mango the Dog

My crate

I loves my crate!!

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Shiny Happy Doggy

Wanna play?

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Side by Side

Aren't we cute??

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Sisterly cuddle

Ginger loves me

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Birthday bash recovery

Hiding out under mommy's blanket

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Mango’s bday celebration!

For my bday, Ginger, puppy Woz and I went on an adventure at the dog park!

We met and played with lots of dogs there!

I even got to hang out with my long lost DogMother (GodMother for dogs), Cheryl! I missed her a lot!

It was a super fun day at the park!

Then! As an extra special bday treat, mommy and daddy took all of us out to get some of my favorite DogScream (Ice Cream specially made for dogs)!!

OMG, Yum!! Peanut Butter flavored!!

Om Nom Nom Nom!!

(brain freeze!) ... nom nom nom nom nom!!

It was a Corgi Ice Cream Party!!

Then we all went home and played with some of my new bday toys! Thanks to DogMom Cheryl for this monkey/squirrel thingy!

What a fun day!! I'm sure I'll be pooped tomorrow but it sure was worth it!

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Happy Birthday Mango!!

Mango turned 4 years old today!!  We can't believe our boy is 4 years old already!!

Also check out TheDailyCorgi!  Mango and Ginger were featured on the Saturday Smiles posting today!!  Thanks to Laurie for being so Corgi-tastic!!  What a great bday present!!

Check out Mango and Ginger at TheDailyCorgi!

In honor of Mango's Bday, we present today a very special puppy flashback!

This is my earliest picture ever. My eyes are still closed and I'm practicing my napping technique!

Uhm...Hi! A little older here but you can start my personality here!

This is me with my brothers and sisters! I hope they're all just as happy as I am now! Happy Birthday brothers and sisters!!

Will post Mango's bday shenanigans in another entry. For now, mommy and daddy are pooped!
Happy Birthday to our lil boy! Sweet Puppy Dreams!

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Typus Interruptus!!

I snuggle mommy while she plays on the 'puter.


Ok enough typing, mommy. It's interrupting my snoozin's.

Typus Interruptus!!

Ok fine! But hurry up and finish so I can continue my nap.

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Sleepy foot

Foot in your face, haha foot in your face! Zzzzzzz!

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munch munch munch munch!!

munch munch *burp* munch munch

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